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Southern California
Leo's Southern California Home -
A 3 bedroom, 2 bath home available for rent in Long Beach, CA

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Leo's Den
Father Leo
Leo's Den- a comfortable home away from home in Lancashire England.
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the Happy Heretic by Reverend Leo Booth

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Getting to Know Reverend Leo
Reverend Leo Booth - author, lecturer, trainerReverend Leo Booth is a Unity minister, and an internationally acclaimed author, lecturer, and trainer on all aspects of spirituality and recovery from depression, addictions, compulsive behaviors, and low self-esteem.

A Certified Addictions Counselor, Rev. Leo speaks at many National and International conferences, plus churches of all denominations. In addition to specific in-services and lectures on religious addiction and abuse, Rev. Leo presents workshops, lectures, and training on a broad spectrum of issues to a variety of organizations and institutions.

Rev. Leo writes regularly in Counselor Magazine and recovery newspapers and magazines across the United States and is the author of 12 publications, including, The Happy Heretic, Spirituality and Recovery, Say Yes to Your Life, Say Yes to Your Spirit, Say Yes to Your Sexual Healing, The Wisdom of Letting Go and others. Rev. Leo has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America and others.

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