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Belgrade - Sarajevo - Zlatibor - Topo
Belgrade - Sarajevo - Zlatibor - Topo
Serbia & Bosnia
Sept. 23rd -
Oct. 5th, 2013

Join us as we embark on this powerful journey to Belgrade, Sarajevo, Zlatibor & Topo

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Today is October 20, 2014
A Great Day for Recovery!


"The older I grow, the more I listen to people who don't say much."
-- Germain G. Glidden
I've noticed that an important part of my recovery is people-watching. I have fun watching people --- at a party, on a train or in a park. I find the daily "theater" of life fascinating and stimulating. I also learn so much about me by observing others. I can identify with their mannerisms, actions and facial antics and intuitively sense what they are feeling. I see their fear, hesitancy and shame and connect it with mine. People are a mirror to my life.

Part of my recovery is developing that instinctive spirituality that grows through observation. The human being is forever communicating, sending energy and messages not only with words but by his existence --- and especially by his silence. Sometimes a person's silence can be deafening! God is most alive to me in the lives and behavior of His people, and part of my worship and prayer is observing the splendor and richness of my fellow human beings.

You, who have created the universe in such magnificent silence, touch me with Your stillness.

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